What we call fun

gardening toolsAs I drug myself dirty, tired and aching to the kitchen sink, my girlfriend asked if I had enjoyed that?  I thought about her question as I continued to scrub my hands free of the soil and muck I was rutting around in out in my back yard.   Well, I said, lets me think about that.  I pour my tea and sit at the kitchen table with my friend.  “I cleaned out the garage, where I dropped the hammer on the big toe of my right foot.  Next I did all the laundry, Hanging it to dry By the way!  Stepped on a sharp rock…did I mention I was barefoot?  Oh yes, then to relax I decided to attack the smallish roots of the Magnolia tree in my front yard.  Scraped every knuckle against the concrete porch, bruised knees from kneeling on the fruit of the tree.   Hmmm, Yes!  Yes I did enjoy that, my body hates me but I thoroughly enjoyed that.magnolia trees

I have always enjoyed the feeling of accomplishment and when I had gotten so much done and in one day I was so happy with myself.  With the loss of my family only a few years ago it has been very difficult for me to get anything done.  Today that changed.  I was busy doing so much that I had forgotten to be sad.  I always try to put on a pleasant or happy face but not today.  Today I was happy about doing chores I had been putting off and now they are done and I am not in so much pain, I feel better than I have in quite some time.

See you in the garden,



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