Kids in the Kitchen – Age Approriate Cooking Tasks

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I saw this in the local paper, The Loop, and I just had to share.  This is such GREAT information!!!





Kids in the Kitchen Age Appropriate Cooking Tasks

Chefs ages 4 to 5

*Squeezing lemons and limes

*Washing produce

*Stirring and whisking

*Pouring ingredients

Chefs ages 6 to 7

*Grating, peeling, and zesting

*Greasing pans

*Scooping batter

*Mashing and kneading

Chefs ages 8 to 9

*Slicing and chopping, with supervision

*Peeling fruits and vegatables

*Measuring ingredients

*Breaking Eggs

Chefs ages 10+

*Slicing, chopping, and dicing




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